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 manufacturing security seals for more than 80 years

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Family company founded in 1936, Malachowski has always been specialist in manufacture of security seal. Creative and talented, Mr Malachowski created and filed two different kinds of seal model : the plastseal and metalseal. Since its inception, Malachowski is growing and innovating in new products.




The company expanded with a new injection molding machine (300 T).

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Our activity for markings and identification grows with the advent of 3 marking machines Laser. This field is constantly growing and today we service our tagging on 3 processes : hot, laser, by thermal transfer, to all types of products after tests and validation by our production manager.

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Ce secteur ne cesse de progresser et aujourd'hui nous proposons nos services de marquage selon 3 procédés: à chaud, laser, par transfert thermique,

pour tous types de produits après tests et validation par notre responsable de production.

Marquage   Marquage Chaud         


We will be always present to listen to you and answer any even simple questions and offer you the best possible service.




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